Once Upon A Time: Magic Users

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Can you name the Once Upon A Time: Magic Users

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Use of MagicCharacterType of Magic
Throws Fireballs
Turns Pinnochio Human
Creates the Dark Curse
Enacts a Sleeping Curse
Tries to Send Cinderella to the Ball
Chokes a Protesting Couple
Traps Himself in a Mirror
Awakens Dreamy
Travels Between Worlds
Transforms Into Other People
Casts a Protection Spell
Heals Deadly Ailments
Ensnares Children
Finds Regina's Second Love
Flies on a Broomstick
Puts Magic into a Pendant
Freezes Grumpy's Truck
Brands Her Slaves
Builds an Ice Wall
Creates a Portal
Rules the Ocean
Grows Middlemist Flowers
Creates a Magic Helm
Heals Himself

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