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ReactionReagent(s) & Conditions
Acyl Chloride -> (N-subst.)Amide
Haloalkane -> (primary)Amine
Alcohol -> Alkene
Haloalkane -> Alkene
Alkene -> Dibromoalkane
Acyl Chloride -> Ester
Alkene -> Alcohol
Ketone -> Hydroxynitrile
Alkene -> Haloalkane
Haloalkane -> Alcohol
Alkene -> Alkane
(Primary)Alcohol -> Aldehyde
Carboxylic Acid -> Ester
ReactionReagent(s) & Conditions
Carboxylic Acid -> Alcohol
Ester -> Carboxylic Acid
Aldehyde -> Carboxylic Acid
Alkane -> Haloalkane
Acyl Chloride -> Carboxylic Acid
Acyl Chloride -> (primary)Amide
Alcohol -> Haloalkane
Nitrile -> Carboxylic Acid
Alkane -> Alkene
(secondary)Alcohol -> Ketone
Carboxylic Acid -> Acyl Chloride
Aldehyde -> Hydroxynitrile
(Primary)Alcohol -> Carboxylic Acid

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