Four Swords Adventures Stages

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Level 1.
A known lake.
Lamps and traps.
Phantom Ganon lurks here.
Level 2.
Shadow Link is crazy, he throws giant bombs.
The gate to the Dark World is located here.
A temple with an one eyed stone monster.
Level 3.
The base of the mountain.
Oh my god, it's Helmaroc King!
Tower of Hera?
Level 4.
Horses and giant spiders.
A graveyard in a swamp?
Sneaking around the castle.
Level 5.
A known forest.
A known village.
Phantom Ganon and friends.
Level 6.
Not Gerudo Desert
A sandy temple.
A known shaped building.
Level 7.
It's so cold.
Slippery floors.
Zelda is captured here.
Level 8.
Above the clouds.
Spikes on the clouds?
Vaati's home.

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