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5 Letters
ANTIG (Large) 
IMFAA (Criminal Organisation) 
DAALS (Food) 
TIFAN (Faded) 
SALGS (Window Material) 
6 Letters
YOKMEN (Animal) 
AKBEST (Food Carrier) 
TERELT (Mail) 
NCLIPE (Writing Implement) 
CLUESM (Tissue) 
7 Letters
MEPROOT (Advertise) 
ASSGAME (Rub Gently) 
ARCINUT (Window Accesory) 
NICENES (Subject) 
SPINENE (Coins) 
8 Letters
CITRAVEL (Direction) 
CROOBLIC (Vegetable) 
LENTCATE (Appendage) 
RACEGIAR (For Passengers) 
RICECLET(Type of Charge) 
9 Letters
SHINYPOTE (Brainwash) 
DEGEMNETS (Divided into Sections) 
FORPESORS (Scientist) 
NITFASACT (Really Good) 
CRABILATE (Type of Infection.) 

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