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Original SourceDiseaseDescription
The Masque of Red DeathCauses bleeding from the pores, and eventually death.
World of WarcraftHighly infectious disease caught from Hakkar. Has a huge mortality rate and at one point, it spreaded like a plague.
Many SourcesLittle kids don't want to catch this from other kids!
Warhammer 40,000Breaks down biological matter, which releases explosive gas.
Metal Gear SolidKills people because of certain genetic traits via cardiac arrest.
HaloParasite that mutates hosts into zombie like creatures.
The Lord of the RingsMysterious Disease which spread to every kingdom of Middle Earth during the mid 1600's.
24Virus that causes nose-bleeds, hemorrhaging and eventually death.
Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionCommonly known as the vampire disease.
Rainbow SixArtificial Virus created for the purpose of bioterrorism.
Tales of SymphoniaEffects those with an unmounted Cruxis Crystal. Slowly lose ability to taste, sleep, talk and feel pain, and eventually takes their life.
Ace VenturaAwkwardly named disease that causes you to say the opposite of the correct answer when posed a question.
Repo! The Genetic OperaCauses massive organ failure and has no cure.
Cabin FeverCauses massive hemorrhaging and tissue necrosis.
FireflyDegenerative disease that attacks bone and muscle.
South ParkGenetic condition that causes humans to be born with their face and butt switched.
SupernaturalIncites murderous rage in infected.
28 Days/Weeks LaterVirus that causes extreme rage and is easily transmittable.
The Lost WorldIncreases the mortality rate of newbord dinosaurs.
PrototypeVirus that replicates inside living organisms, and causes mutations that range from zombification to creating 'hunters'.
FuturamaMy only regret is that I have this.
Children of MenMade the human race unable to produce.
Original SourceDiseaseDescription
Resident EvilArtificial Virus that kills the host, then revives them a few hours later. They awake a zombie like cannibal.
Artemis FowlPsychosis common in guilt ridden fairies
Black HoleSTD which causes mutations. It only affects teenagers.
Ender's ShadowYour brain never stops growing
Left 4 DeadTurns humans into homicidal, zombie-like beings.
BatmanIncurable disease that Mr. Freezes wife had.
The Zombie Survival GuideA virus that creates zombies.
I Am LegendCauses a number of effects ranging from photosensitivity to the need to feed on blood.
DreamcatcherAlien parasite that grows in a hosts stomach, before eating their way out through the stomach or anus.
Gears of WarDeadly disease that is caused from the gases that come from imulsion.
Mobile Fighter G GundamInfects organisms, allowing the Devil Gundam to control them.
Star WarsVirus that attacks non-humans through water and air transmissions.
American Dad!Extreme version of normal illness that causes liquid bowel movements.
The ThingVirus that enters host, turning each cell into an individual life form. Causes shapeshifting.
50 First DatesNo memory of the previous day's events.
StarCraftRetrovirus which mutates lesser creatures into zerg warrior breeds.
Hey Arnold!Disease that is caused from coming in contact with a monkey, which eventually leads to death.
FalloutResponsible for a majority of the mutations in the world.
SpongeBob SquarePantsMakes you sneeze out bubbles constantly.
Doctor WhoMutated from a mood-drug that killed the entire world in seven minutes flat.
The Cobra EventGenetically made potpourie super virus that causes nightmares, fevers, herpes and autocannibalism.

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