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Route Americans traveled to go west early on. Also an educational game
Eddy Grant approves of this place
Poetic term for a romantic location. Also a sex store
What you walk down first while in Disney Land/World
When things are awkward and you need to be leaving
The narrowest one in the world
Famous children's show
200 - 300 people are killed here every year
David Lynch Film. I think I have amnesia...
A Beatles Song
Four musicians have been spotted here
Any cities' musical district
Symbol for British journalism. Also don't go to the barber here
Living here might give you nightmares
Hipster book/alright movie
One of the two most expensive places in Monopoly
Where Sherlock Holmes lives
Run down urban area with impoverished population
When you think you are not in Kansas anymore
Old set of trade routes through Europe/Asia
Metaphor for wealth
Famous one in Louisiana

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