Which Word Wins? Harry Potter Edition

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Can you select the word (A or B) which was used more frequently in the entire Harry Potter series?

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How to Play
Word frequency is shown in brackets. Counts are from all seven books combined. Words are exactly as shown (so Muggle would be counted differently to Muggles and Muggle's and Muggle-born). Some are much closer than others, and there are a couple of ties just for fun.
WordsA) or B)
A) Marauder's or B) Wizard's
A) Hogwarts or B) Quidditch
A) Chamber or B) Secrets
A) Dragon or B) Snake
A) Bus or B) Train
A) Dumbledore or B) Voldemort
A) Wand or B) Sword
A) Blood or B) Prince
A) Kedavra or B) Obliviate
A) Aunt or B) Uncle
A) Sorcerer's or B) Stone
A) Troll or B) Hippogriff
A) Spell or B) Potion
A) Deathly or B) Hallows
A) Granger or B) Sirius
A) Muggle or B) Wizard
A) Quill or B) Pencil
A) Horcrux or B) Cedric
A) Love or B) Hate
A) Ministry or B) Magic
A) Goblet or B) Fire
A) Centaur or B) Unicorn
A) Professor or B) Master
A) Owl or B) Spider
A) Hermione or B) Ron
A) Order or B) Phoenix
A) Goyle or B) Crabbe
A) Snape or B) Hagrid
A) Dementor or B) Dementors
A) Malfoy or B) Weasley
WordsA) or B)
A) Prisoner or B) Azkaban
A) Broomstick or B) Nimbus
A) Dudley or B) Dursley
A) Said or B) Did
A) Dobby or B) Kreacher
A) Friends or B) Family
A) Bloody or B) Hell
A) Expelliarmus or B) Stupefy
A) Tom or B) Riddle
A) Good or B) Evil
A) White or B) Black
A) Lumos or B) Reducto
A) Elf or B) Goblin
A) Gryffindor or B) Slytherin
A) Fred or B) George
A) Ginny or B) Percy
A) Petunia or B) Trelawney
A) Day or B) Night
A) Chocolate or B) Frog
A) Ravenclaw or B) Hufflepuff
A) Home or B) School
A) Witchcraft or B) Wizardry
A) Myrtle or B) Moaning
A) Neville or B) Luna
A) Lily or B) James
A) Lupin or B) McGonagall
A) Umbridge or B) Moody
A) He or B) She
A) Cat or B) Hat
A) Harry or B) Potter

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