Climbing the Corporate Word Ladder

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Can you name the 4-letter words to climb this corporate word ladder?

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You're hired. Congrats, intern, you're a lowly ____
But you work hard, and make a ____ for a raise
Turns out you're as important to them as a ____
So you consider quitting. Maybe you'll ____
But you stick with it and are promoted! Such ____!
...To the mailroom. Nothing but cardboard and ____
There is no hope. The days are dark and ____ :(
You play Sporcle all day and ____ your coffee
This isn't what you wanted. Everyone here moves like a ____
Boring. Pitiful. It smells of rotting paper and ____
Then you notice something suspicious. You should raise a ____!
But your supervisor, will ____ you if you make a big deal about it
So you decide to let it be and go with the ____
It's a typical Friday, and mind-numbingly ____. You just can't let it be
You take a big gulp and ____ what you found to the manager, Tim
Tim tells you to ____ like a good little maggot. What a dork!
But you're no Joe-____. This is important!
You gather up the courage of a ____ wrestler
You take it right to the Executive VP. He ____ it up: 'Interesting'
He ____ and haws… 'Come back on Wednesday'
It's ____ day and you return to see the VP. Could this be the end?
'Fantastic work!' He says, as he hands you a ____ sum bonus!
Your jaw drops and your arms go ____!
He offers you a drink. Vodka with a twist of ____
'What you found will save this company a lot of ____ and money'
'Sit down. I'm offering you ___'_ job', he says
Woot! Wait, now you need a suit and some ____
You have finally made it! Just had to step on a few ____
Now you can afford all the ____ you want
Meetings, golfing, parties, hanging out with the big ____
'Cause now you're the ____! Congratulations!

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