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'You Know They Got a ___ of a Band' (1992, short story)
'____' (2006)
This happens to the birds in 'The Stand'
'____ Dark, No Stars' (2010)
He'll ____ you with fear
Stuttering ____ Denbrough (Character)
You can taste this after reading his books
'The Green ____' (1996)
His novels are anything but ____
The friends in 'Dreamcatcher' have special ____ powers
I have a copy of 'Cujo' in ____ condition
'The ____' (1985, short story)
He's 'The ____er of Horror'
King had one on his leg after his accident
'Umney's Last ____' (1993, short story)
'It' lives in a ____, deep in the sewers
'Tommyknockers' is a personal ____
'Wolves of Calla' is The Dark Tower book number ____
The Kings ____ in Maine, of course
He fought for his ____ in 1999
Tabitha is his ____
Penny____ the Dancing Clown (Character)
'Carrie' marked his ____ to fame
'____ Madder' (1995)
He used to ____ himself with alcohol and drugs
'Under The ____' (2009)
'The Stand' is his longest ____
An important quality in all of his books
Danny's imaginary friend in 'The Shining'
You can read his books on a ____ e-reader
'The Dark Tower VI: ____ of Susannah' (2004)
You’d think he smoked the ____ (he's clean now)
'Bag of ____s' (1998)
'The Dead ____' (1979)
Roland was a ____ gunslinger
'The ____ Walk' (1979, Richard Bachman)
Not to be confused with 'King ____'
Stephen ____

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