First Five Nouns II: You Know You Know It...

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Can you name the popular songs given the first five occurring nouns?

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First Five NounsSong
Ground, Major, Tom, Pills, Helmet
Norma, Jean, Grace, Woodwork, Brain
Goddess, Mountain, Top, Flame, Summit
Grace, Sound, Wretch, Grace, Heart
Chord, David, Lord, Music, Fourth
Streets, Children, Feet, Morals, Men
Warden, Party, Jail, Prison, Band
Time, Life, Girl, Scene, Queen
Midnight, Dark, Moonlight, Sight, Heart
Floor, Plans, Plans, Plans, Plans
Man, Wealth, Taste, Year, Soul
Shirt, Shirt, Milan, Milan, New York
First Five NounsSong
Teacher, Subject, Schoolgirl, Inside, Longing
Wireless, Credit, Symphony, Machine, Technology
Bags, Outside, Door, Dawn, Morn
Town, Girl, Change, Pocket, Pain
Child, Day, World, Planes, Bills
Rock, House, Tonight, Time, Mind
Trace, Breath, Laughter, Pain, Tears
Dawn's, Light, Twilight's, Stripes, Stars
Choice, Girls, Boys, Noise, Toys
Sack, Noose, Sky, Hearse, Lives
Mountains, Home, Home, Lowlands, Day
Moments, Day, Hours, Way, Piece

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