Twisted Tenses: Advertising Slogans

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Can you name the company sporting these advertising slogans, stated in the wrong tense?

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Slogan?CompanyCorrect Tense
Just doing it
We're trying harder
Will you hear me then? Good.
I'll be lovin' it
Zooming Zoomed
That's easy
Had it your way
What is Brown doing for you?
Bought it, selling it, loved it
Toldya couldn't eat just one
The best a man will be able to get
It was everywhere you wanted to be
Where the pets went
Will it be in you?
A diamond was forever
Been all that you will be
Maybe she will be born with it
So easy a caveman will do it
Thought small
Because I was worth it
We answered to a higher authority
Sometimes you felt like a nut, sometimes you didn't
I'll like it so much, I'm buying the company
Where was the beef?
Did she… or won't she?

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