Dictionary Proximity: Science Edition

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Can you name the scientists and inventors given words very near in the dictionary?

Updated Nov 26, 2013

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Proximity PersonActual Person
Alfalfa Kinky
Thong Edible
Albino Eighty
DNA Mender
Alexic Flemish
Marijuana Cure
Carload Sagging
Educated Hubris
Maximum Planet
Gallbladder Gala
Beretta Russian
Jangling Goodies
Significant Fretter
Proximity PersonActual Person
Niece Bohemian
Eroded Ruthlessly
Nike Testosterone
Isatropic Newsman
Loudmouthed Pastor
Stepmother Hawaiian
Nicotine Copenhagen
Enriched Fermentation
Charismatic Dartboard
Claustrophobic Berliner
Jambalaya Waterworks
Alert Grainy Belladonna
Rendezvous Description

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