Common English Word Comparison

Random Language or This or That Quiz

Can you identify which word in each pair (A or B) is the more commonly used English word?

Updated Apr 17, 2016

How to Play
Which Word?A or B
A) About or B) Because
A) Only or B) As
A) Get or B) Back
A) Your or B) Their
A) Do or B) To
A) Could or B) Would
A) Of or B) Or
A) Than or B) Then
A) Up or B) His
A) Me or B) We
A) In or B) Out
A) Say or B) Think
A) Some or B) No
A) Also or B) Into
A) Who or B) What
A) Our or B) My
A) Be or B) For
A) One or B) Two
A) By or B) Like
A) Year or B) Day
A) Now or B) Know
A) Any or B) Time
A) How or B) When
A) This or B) That
A) Can or B) An
Which Word?A or B
A) First or B) Other
A) Even or B) Just
A) They or B) Them
A) From or B) There
A) Her or B) Him
A) Have or B) Not
A) Look or B) See
A) If or B) But
A) Its or B) It
A) At or B) So
A) Come or B) Go
A) All or B) Most
A) With or B) These
A) Give or B) Take
A) A or B) I
A) Us or B) You
A) After or B) Which
A) Good or B) Well
A) On or B) Over
A) People or B) Work
A) Will or B) Way
A) He or B) She
A) The or B) And
A) Want or B) Use
A) Make or B) New

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