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Can you name the answers to these questions about Emperor Caligula??

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Who likely poisioned Caligula's father?
What animal did Caligula make a priest?
What island was Caligula taken to in 31 AD?
What illness might Caligula have had?
What famous emperor was Caligula's brother?
What was Caligula's mother's name?
How did Drusus and Agrippina die?
In what year was Caligula born?
How did Caligula die?
Who did Caligula make run alongside his chariot?
In Latin, what does 'caligula' mean?
How many siblings did Caligula have?
With whom was Caligula initially supposed to share power?
What strange thing did Caligula order the sun to do?
Who followed Caligula as emperor?
What is your favorite class?

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