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Can you name the characters from the X-Men movies (including origins)?

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Hugh JackmanClaws, Invincibility (Or Close To It), Adamantium Skeleton/X1-3, XMO:W
Halle BerryControls Weather (Eyes Turn White)/X1-3
James Marsden/Tim PocockLaser Beams From Eyes/X1-3, XMO:W
Famke JanssenTelekinesis, Telepathy, Main Villain In X3, But Good For X1-2/X1-3
Patrick StewartForms Of Telepathy & Telekinesis (Invented Cerebro)/X1-3, XMO:W
Ian McKellenCan Move Metal/X1-3
Rebecca RomijnCan Change Body & Face/X1-3
Liev Schreiber/Tyler MayneClaws, Teeth, Strength Of Animal (Extinct)/X1, XMO:W
Anna PaquinSteal Life Force Or Powers/X1-3
Shawn AshmoreCan Create Ice/X1-3
Aaron Stanford/Alexander BurtonCan Create & Control Fire/X1-3
Ray ParkActs Like Name (Animal), Long Tongue/X1
Vinnie JonesSuper Strength, Quote: I'm The __________ B!tch!/X3
Kelsey Grammer/Steve BacicActs like name, Reads Upside Down, Blue/X2-3
Taylor Kitsch/James Bamford(cut from film)Charges Electrical Energy Through Objects With Kinetic Force(Bo Staff/Cards)/XMO:W
Daniel CudmoreCan Turn Into Metal, Russian In The Comics/X2-3
Alan CummingTeleportation, German, Catholic/X2
Brian Cox/Danny HustonNone, Made Hugh Jackman Adamantium/X2, XMO:W
Ellen Page/Sumela Kay/Katie StewartWalk through walls/X1-3
Bruce DavisonNone, Senator/X1-2
Kea Wong/Katrina FlorenceFires 'Fireworks' From Her Fingertips, Cameo In Each Movie/X1-3
Shauna KainHigh-Pitched Voice, Cameos/X2-3
Connor WiddowsChanges TV Channels By Blinking/X2-3

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