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Can you name the Quotes From These Quentin Tarantino Movies?

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I Have Kind Of A...So That Worked Out Okay On My Part (2)Clarence(Quentin Tarantino)/My Best Friend's Birthday
All Right Ramblers...(3)Joe Cabot(Lawrence Tierney)/Reservoir Dogs
I've Always Said If I Had To F*ck A Guy, I'd...(2)Clarence Worley(Christian Slater)/True Romance
Come On Let's Be...(1)Mr Pink (Steve Buscemi)Reservoir Dogs
And You Will Know My Name Is The Lord When I Lay...Jules(Samuel L Jackson)/Pulp Fiction
That Is...(1)Mickey Knox(Woody Harrelson)/Natural Born Killers
Don't Mickey and Mallory Leave One Last Person Alive...(4)Wayne Gale(Robert Downey Jr)/Natural Born Killers
Actually Angela, Only People With A Loaded Gun at My Head Call Me...(1)Ted The Bellhop(Tim Roth)/Four Rooms
I AM NOT Gonna Cut Of...(3)Ted The Bellhop(Tim Roth)/Four Rooms
All Right Ramblers...(3)Seth Gecko(George Clooney)/From Dusk Till Dawn
I May Be A Bastard,But I'm Not A...(2)Seth Gecko(George Clooney)/From Dusk Till Dawn
Awww, You Gotta Be F*cking...(2)/FDTD2: Texas Blood Money
Everyone Here has A...(3)Ambrose Bierce(Michael Parks)/FDTD3: The Hangman's Daughter
Your Name Is Buck, And You're...(3)The Bride(Uma Thurman)Kill Bill Vol. 1
Pai Mei Tought You The...(5)Bill(David Carradine [RIP])/Kill Bill Vol. 2
It'd Never End [BANG]... Fair...(1)Hartigan(Bruce Willis)/Sin City
I Never...(1)El Wray(Freddy Rodriguez)/Planet Terror
Best Damn BBQ...(2)J.T(Jeff Fahey)/Planet Terror
[Laughing] Hey Ladies...(3)Stuntman Mike(Kurt Russell)/Death Proof
We Gonna Be Doing One Thing And One Thing Only...Lt. Aldo Raine(Brad Pitt)/Inglourious Basterds

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