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Can you name the Movies by the plot description (it's sarcastic remember) ?

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Sarcastic DescriptionMovieNotable Actor (Year)
It turns out everyone's eating people. Green, plastic-looking people.Charlton Heston (1973)
The main guy works part time as a soap salesman.Brad Pitt (1999)
Charlton Heston goes sight-seeing and finds the Statue Of Liberty.Charlton Heston (1968)
So they cover up a big fight and there is a robot heaven? Oh well, it sucked anyway...Megan Fox (2009)
He has sex with a witch, plays some weird sex scene, babysits and chops off a guy's pinky. All for about $1,550.Tim Roth (1995)
The bad guy can't be the good guy's father, they don't have the same name!Harrison Ford (1980)
It takes place in a mall where nearly everyone is a zombie. What's new?Ken Foree (1978)
He's killed his brother, has a steaming hot girlfriend, met Steve Buscemi and owns a 'cock-gun'. He's got the perfect life... Until the sequel.Steve Buscemi (1995)
They met Bill Murray, ate a twinkie and went to an Amusement Park... WITH NO LINES!!Woody Harrelson (2009)
'Rosebud, the last name in sleds!' -Colin Mochrie, if movies were advertisementsOrson Welles (1941)

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