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Can you name the the cast of the 5 season sit-com taxi (including guest stars)?

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CharacterActor/ActressAlso Known For
____ ______ in Taxi (Alex Rieger)The Great Escape II: The Untold Story
Also Starring _____ _______ (Bobby Wheeler)Grease
_____ ______ (Louie De Plama)Twins
______ ______ (Elaine O'Connor-Nardo)Cannonball Run II
____ _____ (Tony Banta)The (Actor's Name) Show
_______ ______ (John Burns)There Will Be Blood
___________ _____ (Reverend Jim Ignatowski)Back To The Future Trilogy
Guest Star _ ____ ______ (Jeff Bennett)Fairy Tales Can Come True (Cheers)
And ____ _______ As Latka Gravas (Foreign Guy)Man On The Moon (His Biopic)
With _____ ____ (Simka Dahblitz-Gravas)Trees Lounge
CharacterActor/ActressAlso Known For
____ _______ (Zena Sherman, Louie's Girlfriend)Carla From Cheers
___ ______ (Vincenzo Senaca, The Hairdresser in The Unkindest Cut)Sam From Cheers
______ _____ (The Exterminator in Latka The Playboy)Norm From Cheers
_____ ___________ (Himself In Fantasy Borough Part I)Tattoo From Fantasy Island
___ ______ (Mike Beldon, Rich Guy in Memories Of Cab 804 Part II)Magnum, P.I
_____ ______ (Monica Banta Douglas in Tony's Sister And Jim)Marge From The Simpsons
_____ _______ (Terry Carver in Of Mice And Tony)Winston From The Ghostbusters
___ _____ (Gordon in The Road Not Taken Part I)Woody From Toy Story
___ ______ (Dee Wilcox, Old Lady in Sugar Mama)Emmy Nominated For Guest Spot
______ _______ (Mrs. McKenzie in Thy Boss' Wife)Emmy Nominated For Guest Spot

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