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Drew CareyAssistant Director of Personnel (1995-2004)
Ryan StilesJanitor at Drug Co. (1995-2004)
Diedrich BaberDelivery Boy (1995-2004)
Kathy KinneySecretary at Winfred Louder (1995-2004)
Ian GomezWinfred Louder, Dating Service, Chat Show (1995-2004)
Stanley AndersonDrew's Father (1995-2004)
Craig FergusonBoss of Winfred Louder (1996-2004)
HimselfDrew's Dog (1996-2004)
Christa MillerCosmetics at Winfred Louder, Drew's 4th wife (1995-2002)
John Carroll LynchCosmetics at Winfred Louder (cross dresser) (1997-2004)
Marion RossDrew's Mother (1997-2004)
Robert TortiHigh School Friend, Christa Miller's boyfriend in season 1 (1995-2001)
Kelly PerineSecurity guard (1995-2000)
Kate WalshDrew's 3rd wife, has a weight problem (1997-2002)
Nan MartinOwner of Winfred Louder (1995-1999)
Joe WalshGuitar player (1997-2001)
Cynthia WatrosWaitress at the Warsaw Tavern (2002-2004)
Bill CobbsBus Driver (2002-2004)
Jonathan MangumCo-Owner of Neverendingstore.com (2002-2004)
Katy SelverstoneWinfred Louder, Drew's girlfriend in Season 1 (1995-1996)

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