Television: Holes and Scrambles

Random Television or missing word Quiz

Can you name the missing words and related scrambled words/terms?

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''____ Development''
Actress: ____ Aniston
Character: ____ Squarepants
Actor: ____ Laurie
''Game of ____''
Actress: ____ Paquin
Character: ____ Locke
Actor: ____ Buscemi
''____ Galactica''
Actress: Sarah ____ Parker
Character: Gomez ____
Actor: ____ Fillion
''The Brady ____''
Actress: ____ Burnett
Character: Prez. ____ Bartlet
Actor: David ____ Pierce
''I ____ Lucy''
Actress: ____ Louis-Dreyfus
Character: ____ Monk
Actor: ____ Carell

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