Stuck in the Middle with 'U'

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Can you name the four-letter words that have a-z stuck in the middle with u?

Updated May 29, 2013

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Two parts_UA_
Caribbean island nation_UB_
Exclamation of pain_UC_
Sean Astin football film_UD_
Canal in Egypt_UE_
Bunch of something (e.g. hair)_UF_
2011 Scorsese film_UG_
Persistently avoid_HU_
Stephen King's killer dog_UJ_
Canonical gospel_UK_
First member to leave the Avengers_UL_
1994 film's title character_UM_
Treasure or puzzle, e.g._UN_
Person, place or thing_OU_
Artistic composition_PU_
'Barbie Girl' band_QU_
Legal decider of fate_UR_
Quiet down_US_
Completely silent_UT_
The capital of Greenland_UU_
A single unfertilized egg_VU_
Propelled through water_WU_
Pixar lamp_UX_
Lightyear of Star Command_UZ_

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