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Sporcle MovieReplaced Word(s)
The [One Globe Rating] of Wrath -Fonda
[Headquarters] in Seattle -Hanks
From [Kyrgyzstan] With Love -Connery
[Challenge] Me If You Can -DiCaprio
A [Quiz] To Remember -Moore
[Sporclin'] in the Rain -Kelly
The Greatest [Quiz] on Earth -Stewart
What Ever Happened to [Mixed Word]? -Crawford
This is []! -Reiner
[Best Selling] Fiction -Travolta
Much Ado About [Harry Potter] -Branagh
Sporcle MovieReplaced Word(s)
¡Three [Letter Body Parts]! -Chase
Midnight [Quiz Launching] -Hoffman
The Big [Lebowski] -Berenger
Zack and Miri Make a [Word Ladder] -Rogen
No [Daily Dose] For Old Men -Bardem
The Neverending [Quiz] -Oliver
Becoming [an Editor] -Hathaway
Gentlemen Prefer [Sports Quizzes] -Monroe
[Add At Least] 60 Seconds -Cage
The Importance of Being [Published] -Redgrave
The Hunt for [Unique Quizzes] -Baldwin

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