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Can you name the 9-letter 'words' formed from one word that ends in LO and one word that starts with VE?

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Ends in 'LO'9-Letter 'Word'Starts with 'VE'
Sport played on horsebackPlace where an organized event happens
Like a red cup or Han of Star WarsOne who doesn't eat meat, eggs, dairy...
Fruit-flavored gelatinPart of speech (eg. jump or kick)
1000 gramsSecond planet from the sun
Stitch's companionOne section of a poem or song
White, English-speaking AmericanHBO show and nickname for 'vice president'
Bass instrumentReject a decision (esp. the president)
Farm tower that stores grainAn edge or to approach something closely
Common greetingBride's headwear
Angelic headwear or Xbox gamePoison or a Spider-Man foe

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