Harry Potter: Holes and Scrambles

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Can you name the missing words and related scrambled words/terms?

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Person: Viktor ____
Place: Number 4 ____ Drive
Spell: Avada ____
Miscellaneous: Floo ____
Person: ____ Sprout
Place: Weasley's Wizard ____
Spell: ____ Leviosa
Miscellaneous: The Mirror of ____
Person: Mundungus ____
Place: The ____ Broomsticks
Spell: Petrificus ____
Miscellaneous: ____ of Invisibility
Person: Amycus ____
Place: Knockturn ____
Spell: ____ Incantato
Miscenllaneous: Marauder's ____
Person: ____ Flamel
Place: Godric's ____
Spell: Expecto ____
Miscellaneous: Whomping ____

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