Gaming: Holes and Scrambles

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Can you name the missing words and related scrambled words/terms?

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Video Game Title:
Super ____ Bros. 3
Half-Life Character:
____ Freeman
Video Game Subtitle:
Knights of the Old ____
Operation Ailment:
Water on the ____
Video Game Title:
Metal ____ Solid
Tomb Raider Character:
Lara ____
Video Game Subtitle:
The Dark ____ of Chaos
Monopoly Property:
____ Gardens
Video Game Title:
Final Fantasy Character:
____ Strife
Video Game Subtitle:
Symphony of the ____
Risk Territory:
Northwest ____
Video Game Title:
Devil May ____
Video Game Title Character:
____ Nukem
Video Game Subtitle:
____ Your Arsenal
Cluedo Suspect:
Colonel ____
Video Game Title:
Metroid Game Character:
Samus ____
Video Game Subtitle:
Ocarina of ____
Cranium Category:
____ Head

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