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AAActress - Catch Me If You Can
AAActor - Edward Scissorhands
BBMovie - Caine, Freeman, Neeson
CCActor - ¡Three Amigos!
CCActress - It Happened One Night
DDMovie - Gyllenhaals, Swayze
EEActor - The Mighty Ducks
FFMovie - Curtis, Lohan
GGActress - Grand Hotel
HHActress - The Incredibles
HHMovie - Method Man, Redman
JJActress - Love Letters
KKActress - Love Actually
KKMovie - Wray, Armstrong
LLActress - Kill Bill
MMMovie - Stiller, Rush, Kinnear
MMActress - Let's Make Love
NNActor - The Prince of Tides
PPMovie - Disney
RRActor - Just Friends
RRActor - A Bridge Too Far
SSActress - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
TTMovie - Cruise, Black, Stiller
VVActor - Old School
WWMovie - Myers, Carvey

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