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Can you name the first word to these TV show titles given a character or real-life star of the show?

Updated May 2, 2012

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Rest of Title [Character]First Word
____ Notice [Sam Axe]
____ Loves Raymond
[Debra Barone]
____ Trek: The Next Generation
[Captain Picard]
____ Upon a Time [Snow]
____ Family [Phil Dunphy]
____ and Recreation [Leslie Knope]
____: The Last Airbender [Katara]
____ Off Ted [Veronica Palmer]
____ Galactica [Starbuck]
____ Blood [Sookie Stackhouse]
____ Collar [Neal Caffrey]
____ Affairs [Annie Walker]
____ of Thrones [Eddard Stark]
____ Days [Arthur Fonzarelli]
____ Squarepants [Gary the Snail]
____ Montana [Miley Stewart]
____ Night Live [Brian Fellow]
____ Wants to Be a Millionaire?
[Regis Philbin]
____ Love [Bill Henrickson]
____ Rock [Jack Donaghy]
____ of Our Lives
[Dr. Marlena Evans]
____, Texas Ranger [James Trivette]
____ House on the Prairie
[Laura Ingalls]
____ Shore [Snooki]
____ with the Stars [Bruno Tonioli]
____ Idol [Ryan Seacrest]
____ Mars [Logan Echolls]
Rest of Title [Character]First Word
____ & Shirley [Andrew Squigman]
____ Development [Michael Bluth]
____ Improvement
[Tim Taylor]
____ Your Enthusiasm [Jeff Greene]
____ Stevens [Louis Stevens]
____ and Pregnant
[Maci Bookout, e.g.]
____ of Fortune [Vanna White]
____ the Explorer [Swiper]
____ Arnold! [Helga Pataki]
____ of the Hidden Temple
[Red Jaguars]
____ McGuire [Gordo]
____ Park [Chef]
____ Tree Hill [Brooke Davis]
____ Squares [Whoopi Goldberg, e.g.]
____ Hospital [Sonny Corinthos]
____ Runway [Heidi Klum]
____, She Wrote [Jessica Fletcher]
____ Minds [Dr. Spencer Reid]
____ & Order [Jack McCoy]
____ Albert and the Cosby Kids [Bill]
____ Street [Elmo]
____ By the Bell [Zack Morris]
____ Guy [Stewie Griffin]
____: Impossible [Barney Collier]
____ Girls [Lorelei]
____ Clues
[Handy Dandy Notebook]
____ Practice [Dr. Sam Bennett]
Rest of Title [Character]First Word
____ Factor [Joe Rogan]
____ & Tiaras [Crazy Mom, e.g.]
____ & Butt-Head [Butt-Head]
____!!! Real Monsters [Krumm]
____ Modern Life [Heffer Wolfe]
____ Empire [Nucky Thompson]
____ Creek [Jen Lindley]
____ Heaven [Happy]
____ House [Jesse Katsopolis]
____ Morphin' Power Rangers
[The pink one, eg]
____ Laboratory [Dee Dee]
____ Break [Michael Scofield]
____ Minutes [Lesley Stahl]
____ in the Family [Edith Bunker]
____ Street Blues [Frank Furillo]
____ the Vampire Slayer
[Xander Harris]
____ Peaks [Dale Cooper]
____ Bad [Walter White]
____ Night Lights [Eric Taylor]
____ and Geeks [Lindsay Weir]
____ Earth
[Sigorney Weaver, narration]
____ from the Crypt [Crypt Keeper]
____: Warrior Princess [Gabrielle]
____ Science Theater 3000
[Tom Servo]
____ Bebop [Jet Black]
____ I Met Your Mother [Barney Stinson]
____ Anatomy [McSteamy]

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