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Letter - ShowAnswerHint
A - Mad MenThe business Don Draper is in.
B - Arrested DevelopmentWhere there is always money.
C - FriendsFavorite coffee shop hangout.
D - The SopranosAnimal Tony loved to have in his pool.
E - Battlestar Galactica (2004)What the characters are searching for as they travel through space.
F - DexterDepartment Dexter works in.
G - True BloodPhrase shown on church sign during title sequence.
H - Breaking BadWalter's criminal alias.
I - ChuckThis gets 'downloaded' into Chuck's brain.
J - FireflyCharacter that has town named after him.
K - Spongebob SquarepantsSpongebob's place of employment.
L - The Cosby ShowClaire Huxtable's occupation.
M - WeedsWhat Nancy Botwin sells.
Letter - ShowAnswerHint
N - GleeName of Will's Glee Club.
O - MonkMonk's disorder.
P - PsychShawn's favorite food (appears in every episode).
Q - DougDoug's alter ego.
R - WWTBAMOriginal host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
S - LostMysterious black cloud that kills Mr. Eko.
T - Downton AbbeyShow starts with the news of this tragic 1912 event.
U - The Addams FamilyBald character with black coat.
V - HousePill that Dr. House became addicted to.
W - HeroesIn order to save this, they had to save the cheerleader.
X - X-MenSchool for mutants.
Y - Burn NoticeMichael Westen's favorite food.
Z - Buzz Lightyear of Star CommandIntergalactic crime boss.

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