Actors with Double Letters: A-Z

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Can you name the first names and surnames of these actors containing double letters?

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First Name Contains Double Letter
aa - Thank You For Smoking 
bb - Singin' in the Rain 
cc - Vicky Cristina Barcelona 
dd - Trading Places 
ee - Jerry Maguire 
ff - The King's Speech 
gg - The Lord of the Rings Trilogy 
ll - X-Men 
mm - No Country for Old Men 
nn - 101 Dalmatians 
oo - Natural Born Killers 
pp - Duck Soup 
rr - Blade Runner 
ss - L.A. Confidential 
tt - All About Eve 
Last Name Contains Double Letter
aa - The Godfather 
bb - Mystic River 
cc - How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 
ee - The Deer Hunter 
ff - Rain Man 
gg - Batman & Robin 
ll - Speed 
mm - The Apartment 
nn - The Hunt for Red October 
oo - Million Dollar Baby 
pp - Finding Neverland 
rr - The Queen 
ss - The Prestige 
tt - The Lord of the Rings Trilogy 
xx - Ray 

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