Top 25 X-Men Superheroes from IGN

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Can you name the Top 25 X-Men Superheroes from IGN?

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Continuous optic laser blasts
World's most powerful telepath
Adamantium claws, healing factor
Absorbs powers and memories through skin contact
Telekinesis and telepathy
Teleportation and nightvision
Control of the weather
Super strength and agility
Turn his body into steel, invulnerability, super strength
Winged flight and ability to heal others
Claws, fangs and healing factors
Ability to control electromagnetic forces
Capable of lowering own body temperature and using free moisture
Telepathy, telekinesis
Firing plasma energy
Absorbing and re-casting all energy forms
Creating portals
Powerful voice which allows him to attack and fly
Creating duplicates
Telepathy and diamond coated skin shield
Energy blades, telekinesis
Unleashing massive amounts of energy
Absorbs kinetic energy and turns it into physical strength

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