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What is the largest city in Ecuador?Hint: It is a city that many travel to and then go to the Galapagos Islands.
Who is the current president of Tunisia?Hint: He took power from Habib Bourguiba in a bloodless coup.
What desert lies on the Silesian Highlands?Hint: It was used by Afrika Korps to train soldiers in World War II.
What mountain range is in Bavaria (Germany) and Tyrol (Austria)?Hint: The highest peak is Zugspitze.
What type of government is in Bhutan?Hint: The name of their one of their leaders is Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.
What is the Demonym of a resident of Chiapas?Hint: Chiapas is the southernmost state of Mexico.
How many islands of Tonga are uninhabited?Hint: It's >100
What country has the most residents who practice Ayyavazhi?Hint: Practicers can also be found in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand.
What two states is the Lolo Trail in?Hint: It's in North America.
What TV channel are the shows Koha Juaj and Fokus aired on?Hint: One part of the names of the two TV Programs mentioned makes up the name of the channel.
What country is the above TV channel from?Hint: It's European, not Hawaiian (or from the South Pacific) like I originally thought.
What is the name of the unclaimed land in Antarctica?Hint: It's a peninsula.
What was the name of the first steamship?Hint: It was invented by Robert Fulton, also the inventor of the submarine.
For what NHL team was Sandis Ozoliņš drafted for?Hint: It's not the Maple Leafs or the Canadiens.
From what country is the above athlete from?Hint: He's from somewhere in Northern Europe.
In what country is the Okanagan Valley?Hint: The primary city it's in is called Kelowna.
In what country is the Cantua Pyrifolia most commonly found in?Hint: It's a sort exotic flower.
Among a which group of indigenous peoples is seeing an owl and then hearing it hoot a sign of death to come?Hint: They're from Kenya.
Diving-petrels are of what family?Hint: They're from somewhere in the Southern Oceans.
What is the number 10cis60[degrees] in rectangular?Hint: It's a complex number.
One type of intergenetic hybrid of two species of orchids is...Hint: It is not a dicot.
This sect of Islam was founded by Habīb ibn-Yazīd al-Harūrī...Hint: One of their members assassinated the fourth caliph.
This following phrase is of what language: Ollako vai eikö olla, että on kysymys Hint: It's not really related to any other language.
Kapampangan is a major language of what country?Hint: Atyu cu queni translates into I am here.
What language is believed to be spoken by Buddha?Hint: It's name derives from Magadhi Prakrit.
Which of the following countries is not a member of International Cricket Council or associated with it: Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Botswana, or KenyaHint: Some members and associates are England, Scotland, Ireland, and the Netherlands.
Kilikiti is played most commonly in what country?Hint: It is also commonly played in Tuvalu.
What country did the above sport originate in?Hint: It's in Oceania.
Varpa is a game of which group of people?Hint: It's similar to the Caber Toss.
In what area did the above game survive in?Hint: It's an island.
QuestionAnswerExtra Hint
The town Lyubimets is in what country?Hint: It's in the Haksovo province.
The town of Jubail is near which body of water?Hint: It's in the middle-east.
Lavandula multifida is found in which regions?Hint: It's also known as Egyptian Lavender.
How old is the Nagadevatha temple?Hint: It's the ancestral temple of the Devanahalli Sunkada family
What family is Compsophila genus part of?Hint: It's a family of moths.
In what years was Ma Yuan thought to born in?Hint: His art is NOT contemporary.
Name one language from the Berber family.Hint: They're spoken in Northern Africa
What is the most commonly spoken language today that is related to Finnish?Hint: It's not Russian.
The follow text is of what language: Biex ikunu jew ma jkunux, li hija l-kwistjoni Hint: It's spoken in an island country.
Valerie Bradshaw is more commonly known as...Hint: She's a tennis player.
Shuai Jiao originated in what country?Hint: It's a martial art.
Tahtib is more commonly known as...Hint: Originated in Egypt.
Palla is most similar to which sport?Hint: It's played in Italy.
The women's heptathlon consists of which sports in which order?Hint: WOMEN's not men's
The men's heptathlon consists of which sports in which order?Hint: MEN's not women's
Siluranodon auritus is more commonly known as...Hint: It's a fish.
Moncton's mosaic-tailed rat is found in only what country? Hint: It's not endangered or threatened.
Choctaw Hogs are historically used by what ethnic group?Hint: It's in the name.
Who got 64th overall in the opening overall heat in the men's 100 meter freestyle in the 2004 olympics?Hint: He's from Mongolia.
Who was the flag bearer for Comoros in the 2008 olympics?Hint: She got 52nd place in the women's 100 meter dash.
What year did Nauru first compete in the summer olympics?Hint: They sent only one representative and he became of the president of Nauru.
Which team won the tug of war contest in the 1904 olympics?Hint: Yes, it actually existed as an olympic sport.
Which runner died during the marathon in the 1912 olympics?Hint: He represented Portugal.
What three places was the 1940 olympics supposed to be held at before being canceled due to World War II?Hint: One of them has a hyphened name.
What is the most spoken language of the Tai-Kadai language family?Hint: They are highly tonal languages of southern China and Southeast Asia.
ISKCON religion is more commonly known as...Hint: It was at the height of it's popularity in the 70s.
Rinzai is a sect of Buddhism practiced in which country?Hint: It's part of the Linji school of Buddhism.
Jediism is recognized as a religion in what country?Hint: Scientologist aren't in this country.
What religion was created in 2005 that was meant to parody religion itself because of a decision made by the Kansas State Board of Education?Hint: One of their major beliefs is that pirates are divine beings.
Bokononism was created by which popular author?Hint: It's mentioned in the book Cat's Cradle.

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