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When is Mr. Burns' birthday?
Who rescues the children in 'Das Bus'?
Which character named Blinky?
Herman lost his arm by sticking it out a ___ _______.
Name the two regular background barflies at Moe's.
Homer's Moon Waffles are made with caramel, waffle batter and ____ ____.
Who babysat the Simpson kids in 'Marge on the Lam'?
Marge has really had grey hair since age ___.
What's the phone number for Moe's Tavern?
Name any one of the Happy Little Elves.
Which episode did Matt Groening refuse to put his name on?
Lunchlady Doris' son is which other known character?
What did Disco Stu get hooked on in the 70s?
Finish the motto: I'll die before I surrender, ___.
Dr. Nick is a common guest/inventor for what show, hosted by Troy McClure?
What was Scratchy's original name?
Who was inside basketball mascot Swish?
What did Matt Groening originally want Comic Book Guy's real name to be?
What did Homer name his football in 'Homer Loves Flanders'?
What is Selma's full surname?

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