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What was the subject of the rap done by Keesha and Arnold?
What was the name of D.A.'s book in 'Plays Ball'?
Coral reefs are made of what tiny organisms?
What causes sound?
Name Carlos' little brother.
What's the name of the kids' town?
What was the name of Mr. Rhule's rooster?
Name Wanda's little brother.
On Venus, what does it rain?
Who did Arnold want D.A. to include, 'so I can complete my mental picture'?
Name any of the 3 things to erupt from an underwater volcano BEFORE lava.
On which page of D.A.'s book did the class learn about friction?
Who performed the show's theme song?
What is the name of Phoebe's old school?
Name the process that often creates a desert.
What fraction of your size would you need to shrink to see molecules?
A caterpillar will sometimes ward off predators by acting like a/an ____.
What was the breed of Mr. Rhule's rooster?
Name who recorded the repetitive message: 'Hi, how are ya? Nice ta see ya! Thanks for comin' to school and...enjoy your day!'
The 'heart' of a computer is called..?
What food turns Arnold orange?
What's the last ingredient in baking a cake?
Whose grandfather owns a bee farm?
Another (4-letter) name for a reptile is ____.
What is the school's soccer mascot?

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