Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

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Can you name the Samurai Sentai Shinkenger characters?

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Shinken Red
Shinken Blue
Shinken Pink
Shinken Green
Shinken Yellow
Shinken Gold
Shinken Red's Origami
Shinken Blue's Origami
Shinken Pink's Origami
Shinken Green's Origami
Shinken Yellow's Origami
Shinken Gold's Origami
A powerful Origami that was sealed away in a mounatin
The three extra Origami that are used as armor
Talking Lantern, unofficial 7th Shinkenger
Old Man who is Shinken Red's caretaker
The loyal servants of the Shiba clan
Half-gedoushuu who wants to fight Shinken Red
Leader of the Gedoushuu
Octopus-headed Gedoushuu, the brains to the Leader's brawn
Shamisen-playing Female Gedoushuu
Mysterious Gedoshuu with an agenda of his own

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