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RankMale CharacterMovie
1.Gone with the Wind
2.James Bond series
3.The Godfather
4.The Dark Knight
5.Raiders of the Lost Ark
6.Star Wars series
7.The Silence of the Lambs
8.The Godfather: Part II
9.It's a Wonderful Life
10.Star Wars series
11.Schindler's List
13.Rocky series
14.Pirates of the Caribbean series
15.The Terminator
16.Dirty Harry series
17.Star Wars series
18.Forrest Gump
19.To Kill A Mocking Bird
21.Citizen Kane
23.The Shining
24.Harry Potter series
25.Taxi Driver
RankMale CharacterMovie
27.Fight Club
28.Rambo series
29.The Big Lebowski
31.Ben Hur
33.The Pink Panther
34.Dr. Strangelove
35.The Searchers
36.High Noon
37.The French Connection
38.Mad Max series
40.Austin Powers series
41.A Clockwork Orange
43.2001: Space Odyssey
44.Lawrence of Arabia
45.The Night of the Hunter
46.On the Waterfront
47.In the Heat of the Night
48.Wall Street
49.City Lights
50.Midnight Cowboy

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