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I've been locking myself up in my house for some time now/Reading and writing and reading and thinking/And searching for reasons and missing the seasons...
Hey man (yes)/Do you think we'll ever get back home/Well I (guess)/We choose our battles one by one
Well you send my life a-whirling/Darling, with your twirling/On the floor/Who cares about tomorrow?/What more is tomorrow/Than another day?
I'm no more than a friend, girl/I can see that you need more/My boots are on my feet now/My bag's by the door
Things didn't work out like they should/Farther from how you thought they would/Do you still want my hand?/Do you think I'm still your man?/I'll change everything I can
Okay, so I was wrong about/My reasons for us falling out/Of love I want to fall back in
Folk always told me that my heart would grow/The older the man, yeah, the stronger the stone
Disappear from your hometown/Go and find the people that you know/Show them all of your good parts/Leave town when the bad ones start to show
I had a moment when I thought I might be wrong/But Ashley, how could it be?/I waited on the rooftop all night long/But you weren't coming for me
Don't push me out/Just a little longer/Stall your mother/Disregard your father's words
November came and went/Like the summer that I spent/With a no-name girl that walked in jelly shoes
Love writes a letter/And sends it to Hate/'My vacation's ending, I'm coming home late/The weather was fine and the ocean was great/And I can't wait to see you again'
The footprints over the snow/The fabric of all the lonely/C-covering only/The fables and hands
She keeps it simple/And I am thankful for her kind of lovin'/'Cause it's simple
Don't say it's over/'Cause that's the worst news I could hear/I swear that I will/Do my best to be here just the way you like it
I open my door/And here's what occurs/A pretty little gal/With pretty little curls/Leans to the side/Leans on my mind
I keep telling myself/That it'll be fine/You can't make everybody happy all of the time
Load the car and write the note/Grab your bag and grab your coat/Tell the ones that need to know/We are headed north
I was in love with your beauty from the day you walked my way/Oh how I wish that was enough to have made me want to stay
They say you've got to lose a couple fights to win/It's hard to tell from where I'm sitting
She's fighting with the sky/She thinks she can/Living within a lie/She thinks she can

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