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Last Christmas I got a carton of cigarettes. FML.
Everybody's forgotten about me and I gave away my underwear. FML.
My mom is hot for me. FML.
Everyone thinks I'm a pretty big ****. FML.
Everyone thinks I'm the world's worst driver. Which I kind of am. FML.
My dad thinks I'm a sexual deviant. FML.
I used to be homeschooled. I don't understand 'girl world'. FML.
Everybody thinks I'm not cool enough. FML.
My parents are on vacation and my house has become a brothel. FML.
These witches be crazy. FML.
I hate my sister and my dad is crazy. FML.
I'm a terrible dancer but I have to learn. FML.
This girl I created has a mind of her own. FML.
I moved to a new town where dancing is illegal. FML.
I'm in the wrong body. FML.
I'm pregnant and my boyfriend's gay. FML.
We're stuck in Chicago and criminals are chasing us. FML.
Everybody at school's found out I'm Jewish. They hate me now. FML.

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