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Who is Ted's mom married to?
Who attends 'Robots vs. Wrestlers'?
Who always has to pee?
Where did Lily move to take an art fellowship?
What did Marshall accidentally shoot into Lily's eye?
What is Barney's brother's name?
Who is Robin's favorite musician?
Who married Lily and Marshall?
Who was Lily's highschool boyfriend?
What is Barney's job?
Who did Barney think was his father?
What is Barney's father's name?
What is Robin's favorite hockey team?
Where does the gang take Robin's sister when she comes to visit?
What was Ted's tattoo of?
What is Barney's favorite catchphrase?
What did Ted call his architecture firm?
What is Ted's sister's name?
What Star Wars character is in Barney's apartment?
What is Ted's job?
What are the waitress and bartender's names at MacLaren's?
Who stole a blue French horn?
What's Barney's nickname for himself?
Who always makes references to their blog?
What is Marshall's job?
What part of 'the mother' has Ted seen?
What is Marshall's hometown?
Where was Stella and Ted's wedding?
What is Lily's job?
What fruit does Ted wake up with after a drunken night?
Where does Robin go after she and Ted break up?
What does Barney do a musical number about?
What is Robin's job?
Who urged Lily to move back to New York?
What car did Marshall drive?
Who often drives the gang around?

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