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Common ThingBody Part
Found at the end of a book
One of a city’s most heavily traveled roadways
A road away from the main ones
A bovine offspring
Inmate or monk’s room
Furniture item with several drawers
Mac & cheese’s typical pasta
Found in the midst of a hurricane
A group of lakes in New York State
A unit of poetic meter, or a trio of them in a yard
A sticky resin
A bunch of bananas
A toilet on board ship
Edible part of a palm
Crusty bread end
Common ThingBody Part
A portion of a long trip with several stops
A river delta
It goes with a hammer
The narrow part of a bottle
Front end of a plane
A tropical tree
Half diameter
Part of a ship’s hull
Don’t drive on this part of the road
Peel the onion to take this off
A book’s binding
Italy’s extremity
Part of your shoe
A storage area in a car
Valuable streak in a mine

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