2010-2011 Top NBA Salaries

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Can you name the 2010-2011 Top NBA Salaries?

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$24,806,250Los Angeles Lakers
$19,573,711Orlando Magic
$18,835,381San Antonio Spurs
$18,832,044Boston Cetics
$18,300,000Milwaukee Bucks
$17,823,000Los Angeles Lakers
$17,823,000Utah Jazz
$17,730,694Washington Wizards
$17,686,100Houston Rockets
$17,666,666Memphis Grizzlies
$17,522,375Orlando Magic
$17,278,618Dallas Mavericks
$17,149,243Denver Nuggets
$16,647,180Orlando Magic
$16,545,454Denver Nuggets
$16,486,611New York Knicks
$16,324,500Atlanta Hawks
$15,959,099Philadelphia 76ers
$14,940,153New Orleans Hornets
$14,940,153Utah Jazz
$14,500,000Miami Heat
$14,500,000Miami Heat
$14,400,000Chicago Bulls
$14,256,000New Orleans Hornets
$14,200,000Miami Heat

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