Adventure Time Episodes 1.5

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Finn and Jake try to tack down the Lich King when it escapes from its prison
When the Lich King possesses Princess Bubblegum, she turns into a raving beast
Finn and Jake become trapped inside a gladiator arena full of ghosts
A man tells Finn and Jake that they must travel into Marceline's mind and destroy a memory for her to wake up
The Ice King hires a hitman to hurt Finn and Jake
The Earl of Lemongrab tries to claim the throne of the Candy Kingdom from a 13-year-old Princess Bubblegum
Finn and Jake track Lumpy Space Princess to a town being terrorized by a monster
Finn and Jake try to protect their home from a group of evil, cute, little men
The Ice King freezes Finn and Jake to bond with them
Finn and Jake enter a wizard battle to keep The Ice King from getting a kiss from Princess Bubblegum

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