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SidekicksGeorge Banks
Some Kind of Shoe RubberSandy Frink
New Food PreservativeClark Griswold
Proton PackEgon Spangler
Electromagnetic Shrink RayWayne Szalinksi
Flux CapacitorDr. Emmett 'Doc' Brown
TelepodsSeth Brundle
Opti GrabNavin R. Johnson
Everlasting GobstopperWilly Wonka
Silent VelcroJesse
Jump to Conclusions MatTom Smykowski
JarvisTony Stark
Techno TrousersWallace
Bully BusterData
LisaGary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly
VapoorizerNick Vanderpark
Smell MasterProfessor Keenbean
Fart GunDr. Nefario
Bat-GrapplerWayne Industries

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