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Can you name the 5 Movie Related things in each category below?

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Gimme the last 5 actresses to win the Oscar for best actress.
Gimme the 5 movies Denzel Washington has an Oscar nomination for
Gimme the 5 directors with the most Oscar nominations without a win
Gimme the last 5 Oscar nominated movies containing a persons first and last name
Gimme the names of 5 male leads in The Departed
Gimme the 5 highest domestic grossing comedy's.
Gimme the 5 highest domestic grossing movie musicals.
Gimme the 5 youngest actors to win Oscar for Best Actor
Gimme the 5 most expensive movies ever made.
Gimme the 5 highest grossing animated movies of all time.
Gimme the first 5 Movies Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson ever appeared in together.

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