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 There was heat around actor/director Jodie Foster's high-profile movie for months, but it quickly disappeared at the domestic box office, grossing less than $1 million
 Robert Zemeckis' motion-capture pic was one of the most expensive bombs in Hollywood history, costing at least $150 million to produce and grossing $21.4 million at the domestic box office and $17 million overseas.
 The raunchy comedy, set in medieval times, didn't go over well with audiences, even if it starred newly anointed Oscar winner Natalie Portman Costing $50 million to produce, the film earned $21.6 million domestically and a paltry $3 million overseas.
 The remake of the classic Dudley Moore comedy failed to rustle up many laughs, topping out at $33 million domestically and $13 million overseas.
 Earning a mere $10.1 million at the domestic box office, was the first movie greenlit by newly installed Disney chairman Rich Ross to hit theaters lucky for him it only cost $8 million to produce.
 The producers of 'Precious' were hoping to launch a new film franchise based on the popular kids book series. But the $20 million film, distributed by Relativity Media in the U.S., has grossed just $13.4 million to date.
 Costing at least $200 million to produce needed to do a big number worldwide to be financially solid (think $500 million plus). The pic will top out at roughly $250 Worldwide.
 The supernatural action film, based on the Korean graphic novel, was the most expensive movie ever made by Screen Gems, costing $60 million to produce. It earned $29.1 million domestically, but made up some ground overseas, where it earned $46 million
 Zack Snyder's female action-fantasy couldn't find its groove, grossing $36.4 million domestically and $53.4 million overseas for a worldwide total of $89.8 million
 The first 'one' was a sleeper hit at the worldwide box office, grossing $51.4 million domestically and $58.6 million internationally. The animated sequel, however, came and went quickly, earning only $10 million in North America and $3.6 million overseas. Its production budget was a reported $30 million.

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