9 shortest point guards in NBA/ABA History

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Can you name the 9 shortest point guards in NBA History?

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Height and 1st NBA ActionPlayerA little extra info
5ft 3in - 1987-1988 Washington BulletsHe played for the Hornets, the Warriors and the Raptors. Washington took him as a first-round draft pick. He averaged more than 7 points and assists per game, scoring a total of 6,858 points in the NBA.
5ft 5in 1999 New Jersey NetsHe went undrafted after college and has signed short-term contracts with several teams. (Cavs, Mavs, Clippers, Warriors, Nuggets, Bucks, Bobcats, Wizards, Rockets)
5ft 6in - 1946-1947 CelticsHe played for the Boston Celtics for one season and scored 19 points. His one year with the Celtics was the first year of the organization’s existence.
5ft 6in - 1985-1991 Atlanta HawksDrafted and cut by the Pistons before the start of the season he was given a chance by the Atlanta Hawks. A fan favorite, he even won the 1986 Slam Dunk contest.
5ft 7in - 1989-1990 Phoenix SunsSelected in the second round of the NBA draft by the Phoenix Suns, He also played for the Knicks, Hornets, 76ers, Nuggets & the Bullets.
5ft 7in - 1992-1995 Golden State Warriors He started his NBA career as a free agent. In his three seasons with the Golden State Warriors, he scored more than 1,000 points. Also played with the Nuggets
5ft 7in - 1947-1948 Baltimore BulletsHe bought the Philadelphia Sphas and turned the team into the Washington Generals. He now owns the New York Nationals, the current Globetrotter traveling opponent.
5ft 7in - 1947-1948 New York KnicksA Japanese American, he became the first professional basketball player of Asian descent when he went to the Knicks as a first-round draft pick.
5ft 7in -1975-1977 Denver NuggetsHis coaching career has lasted much longer than his NBA stint did. He played two seasons with the Denver Nuggets before trading his playing position for a coaching job.

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