7 Wealthiest NFL Players of All Time

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Can you name the 7 Wealthiest NFL Players of All Time?

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$600 Million - SuperBowl, Real, League MVP, Real Estate Broker in the off season. Not much money back then.Built up his real estate company and sold it for $640 Million. Owned 12% after giving equity to employees.
$200 - A good deal of his fortune comes from one endorsement, E.A. SportsHe was an NFL coach, a commentator and believe it or not young folks...he played.
$165 - He’s the figurehead of the NFL-endorser.He’ll sell you Papa John’s. He’ll sell you Buicks. He’ll sell you Gatorade and he’ll even sell you Direct TV.
$145 - Hall of Fame, Super Bowl winning QB turned GM.Owner of a pair of restaurants — named after himself and a handful of car dealerships, he also owned an Arena Football League team.
$120 - Signed a $72 Million dollar deal in 2011There used to be a massive poster of him modeling UGG boots on Brookline Ave near Kenmore Square, overlooking Fenway Park and I-90.
$100 -first player in the NFL to sign a $100 million dollar contract (extension)You see him in advertisements endorsing Levi Jeans, Nike everything, and Sears and more.
$80 - The first player to make more than $3 million a seasonPartnership with a Northern California vineyard, and started producing his own style of wine.

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