5 most and least profitable films of 2013 (so far)

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Can you name the 5 most and least profitable films of 2013 (so far)?

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Biggest Summer PayoffsFILMBiggest Summer Bombs
Grossed $81 million and only cost $3 million to make
Grossed $745 million and cost $76 million
This one made $168 million on a $20 mil budget
1.2 billion on a $200 million investment? Not bad
Cost $160 million...made $783 million
 Cost to make $130 million and has made a mere $56 mil thus far
 Almost has its money back $196 mil made but was made for $215 mil
 Cost $150 and has made $125 mil so far
 Break Even...Cost $135 and has made $135 Million
 Made $244 million and cost $130 and yes it made the list

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