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HintPersonExtra Info
KingKing of Hyrule
Princess' BodyguardRaised in Karakiko
Annoying FairyCompanion in OCT.
RaceInhabitants of Lanaryu/Hylia
RaceInhabitants of Hyrule
Childhood FriendKokiri in OCT.
Hero/PrincessPrincess of Hyrule
Evil MaskMain Villian in ??? Mask
RaceInhabitants of Desert
ImpCompanion in Twilight Princess
RaceOther Inhabitants of Eldin
Main VillainOwner of Triforce of Power
Enemy/CivilianIn Most Games
VillainFollows Princess in Skyward Sword
HintPersonExtra Info
EnemyIn Most Games
Wimpy childIn Twilight Princess
RaceInhabitants of ??? Forest
Mysterious WomanCompanion in Skyward Sword
VillianMain Villian in Skyward Sword
Bat-like EnemyIn Nearly Every Game
VillainIn Twilight Princess
Sky SpiritProtector of Skyloft
HeroDresses in Green.
RaceInhabitants of Eldin

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