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A sudden plane crash leads a man to an underwater dystopia, where he must discover the city's secrets
A boy sets out to fulfill his dream of owning every creature possible, while using them to battle others
A man and his AI companion must destroy a space station before it kills all life in the galaxy
A best-selling author takes a vacation in a small town, only to find his wife disappear and latest novel come to life
A woman is promised cake if she helps an AI test a new device
A man is given origami figures containing tasks he must complete to save his son from a serial killer
A boy must travel to a dark version of his world to save a princess and stop his arch-enemy from attaining god-like power
After a doppelganger makes a mess in a city, a man is tasked with cleaning the city up and clearing his name
After a larva is stolen by space pirates, a woman must travel to a planet to rescue it
A boy is required to destroy massive beasts in a forbidden land to resurrect a girl
After his mentor defects to the Soviet Union, a man must destroy a nuclear weapon and assassinate his former-mentor
A group must travel between time portals to stop a giant creature from destroying their future world
A man must travel across a post-apocalyptic United States with a young girl who may be the key for a vaccine
A group goes on an adventure to discover the secrets of Marco Polo's doomed 1292 voyage from China
After being stripped of his divinity, a man seeks vengeance on the god of gods

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