Diablo II Unique Armor

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Can you name the unique body armor of Diablo II?

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Quilted Armor 
Leather Armor 
Hard Leather Armor 
Studded Leather 
Ring Mail 
Scale Mail 
Breast Plate 
Chain Mail 
Splint Mail 
Light Plate 
Field Plate 
Plate Mail 
Gothic Plate 
Full Plate Mail 
Ancient Armor 
Ghost Armor 
Serpentskin Armor 
Demonhide Armor 
Trellised Armor 
Linked Mail 
Tigulated Mail 
Mesh Armor 
Russet Armor 
Mage Plate 
Sharktooth Armor 
Templar Coat 
Embossed Plate 
Chaos Armor 
Ornate Plate 
Dusk Shroud 
Wire Fleece 
Balrog Skin 
Kraken Shell 
Shadow Plate 
Sacred Armor 
Sacred Armor 

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